Ceramiche Elios: three generations of a family company

Interview with Desiderio, Ismaele and Alberto Polo about the past, present and future of Ceramiche Elios.

Desiderio, after all these years building the business, what does Ceramiche Elios mean to you?

I started out on this adventure in 1958 with a heart full of passion and hands that wanted to create something beautiful and special, but at the same time solid and lasting for my family and employees.
After a time my son and grandson decided to come and join me at the helm of the company, and for me this is a source of great pride and satisfaction.
That said, overseeing the pottery in the kiln is a job I always carry out myself: looking at all the pieces, checking them and putting them in properly is an art, and I’ll never be able to give it up!

Ismaele, what is the secret behind Ceramiche Elios being such a well-loved brand?

Craftsmanship and evolving design are what make our products unique, and they’ve been popular for over 60 years due to their quality and elegance.
The secret is never to feel that you’ve “arrived”: we are taking the business my father founded forward by constantly working with new forms and aesthetic ideas that are in line with the tastes of our customers, while still maintaining the style that makes us unique.
It’s because of this philosophy that Ceramiche Elios has become a benchmark for exclusive players in the home furnishings sector, particularly from America, Europe and the UAE, who are always on the look-out for quality and style with a typically Italian feel.
Another thing is that our collections are favoured by prestigious brands, famous influencers and renowned professionals: event organisers, catering and banquetig professionals, wedding planners, rental companies and exclusive locations.

Alberto, challenges have you overcome, and what will you face in the future?

My grandfather was the first to overcome a major challenge. He told me what the world was like when Ceramiche Elios was created all those years ago, and about why they chose a strategic position for the factory between Nove and Bassano del Grappa, and how over time our products became known for their style and elegance in Italy and throughout the world.
In recent years I’ve had the opportunity to experience this myself, and to play my part in the growth of a company that’s constantly evolving. I’m really excited to be part of this process and I think that the future is already beginning for us: every day, from the moment a piece comes out of the kiln, our products are getting us noticed both in Italy and beyond.
As well as working more intensively with the American and European market, where we are well-positioned and have been highly respected for some time, we have set ourselves the objective of also bringing our brand to countries where we are less well-known. For example, recently we have been establishing ourselves in certain Asian markets, and are already seeing an excellent response.


Ceramiche Elios: innovators in tradition for over 60 years.